We’re open for business soon!

Hey hustlers! Here’s the first blog post on the official HustleCo website…besides the umm Hello World! post demo content that comes default with WordPress. We of course deleted that one.

Anyways, we are excited to announce that HustleCo Workspace will be opening in the near future so get ready for a hustle filled summer! We have signed the lease and are ironing out some details to make HustleCo the best coworking space Calgary has to offer. This has been a dream of the QuadRipple founders for nearly a year. HustleCo will be a place our members can work collaboratively and with QuadRipple to help take their kick-ass businesses to the next level. We use the term coworking because that’s what our members will be doing, but the vision is so much greater! Here’s to creating the best entrepreneurship and business hub in Calgary. This is a place where ideas will grow into successful businesses. It will become a campus with so many resources to help budding entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. It will be a freelancers and gig-economists playground, here we come! Did we also mention we love to party and throw events? If you have not attended one of our Do It Live parties, we’ll sure be hosting many more in the future. We look forward to hosting the best networking, training, and development events this city has to offer. Think, ATB Entrepreneurship Centre on steroids, we’re gonna knock their events out of the park without spending a dime of your tax dollars to boot 🙂

The extensive marketing experience from QuadRipple will be in arm’s reach for all our members at HustleCo. We began with the concept writing on our company blog from QuadRipple, our inbound marketing and digital media company. Although we wrote about things pertaining to the Calgary coworking scene on our QuadRipple blog, HustleCo.Space will become the new arena where we will discuss these issues. Stay tuned, contact us if you have any questions and want to become part of this journey. Keep hustlin’ and Do It Live!

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