HustleCo Workshops and Digital Marketing Bootcamps

One reason we are so excited to launch HustleCo is the availability of space for QuadRipple (the founders of HustleCo) to host endless digital marketing workshops and bootcamps for our members. QuadRipple, a successful inbound marketing and digital media company, was our first business venture, and in 2 years we have learned so much about what it takes to be successful in the digital marketing space. Don’t take our word for it, we’re analytical and outcome oriented. We’d be happy to show you the results, outcomes and hard numbers we’ve achieved for our clients by taking an inbound, content driven, value added approach to their marketing strategy. In the words of Tony Robbins, “Today, it’s so easy to market your brand however, it more of a challenge to market effectively.”

As the expression goes, either you can give a woman a fish everyday, or take the time of teach a woman to fish, and she’s set for life. That’s the approach we aim to take with our marketing courses. It is so easy for young, startup businesses and freelancers to market themselves and most millennials are doing all their marketing in house. QuadRipple has helped many clients in a variety of industries grow and achieve their goals in the digital space which has translated into sales and conversions on the ground. Our vision is to pass on this knowledge and experience we have gained on the frontlines to our members in an applied manner to give them invaluable marketing insight to grow their business.


We will offer many marketing workshops monthly. The goal is to keep these workshops relatively short and simple, but host them frequently. We’ll cap them to an hour tops. Remember how the 50 minute lectures in school were the perfect length and the 80 minute ones were a bit too long? Instead of teaching a broad, overarching knowledge of marketing we aspire to teach and train members on applied skills and tools every small business owner or freelancer should know. Examples of workshop topics would be: navigating Google Analytics, setting up conversion tracking, a series on Facebook advertising, effective post design, retargeting, GSuite basics, domain transfers, and hosting for your WordPress site. Advanced workshops on other topics which QuadRipple is not familiar with, including accounting, will be performed by our members and guests.

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are ideal for coworking members at HustleCo as they can drop in anytime to learn more about a particular topic. We welcome guests to attend as well if they are keen on learning more about a workshop topic


When starting a business or brand, one of the first steps is to initiate your digital marketing presence as soon as possible. The bootcamps at HustleCo will be an extensive, weekend based bootcamp that will cover everything a startup business needs to do in order to set up their online presence on their own. We believe in terms of digital marketing, especially for small businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and freelancers, it is critical to understand all the aspects of your web presence so you can market yourself and communicate better with your clients and customers. Today, with the massive growth of social media, and the diminishing roles of traditional advertising and PR firms, it is critical to have you finger on the pulse of your market and your business at all times. The bootcamp will begin with setting up a web property complete with analytics, getting on Google maps, an introduction to search console to get on Google, and domain linking. It will transition into developing the appropriate content required to get your name out there and the formulation of an elevator pitch, a sales pitch, and a description of your business. Social media initialization and the setup of ad accounts to promote your business will also be covered. Basic design softwares and applications will be introduced to get everyone started on the right foot. The objective of this bootcamp is to work closely with students enrolled to cover everything required to launch and maintain your digital presence come Monday morning.

Who should attend the bootcamps?

Anybody who has an idea for a business they would like to launch or are in the process of launching would be suited for these bootcamps. All the basics will be covered to get your business on the internet and social media with the proper infrastructure implemented to maintain it. We also encourage aspiring marketing managers and current marketing managers to attend to pick up on the skills and training offered in the bootcamps so they can more effectively market their business.

Stay tuned for developments with the HustleCo Workspace through our website and social media. The HustleCo Workspace will be a shared coworking space opening soon in Calgary with a superior motivational and engaging work environment optimized for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The winning and athletic work environment coupled with access to beneficial resources and superior marketing guidance from QuadRipple at the HustleCo Workspace enables members and visitors to reach their full potential unlike any other coworking space on the market.