HustleCo Workspace Sponsors ATB BoostR Stage YYC

ATB BoostR event HustleCo Coworking gold sponsor

HustleCo is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the ATB BoostR pitch event, health & wellness edition. HustleCo Workspace is Calgary’s newest coworking space launching in June. HustleCo’s mission is to inspire entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig economists to grow everyday and challenge the norms by embracing the HustleCo Workspace and lifestyle.

The ATB BoostR stage pitch YYC event attracts many entrepreneurs from around Calgary. At this event, 5 local businesses in the health & wellness space will be pitching live on stage to a panel of judges. HustleCo decided this would be a fantastic event to sponsor to make a splash in the community before launching in June.

Come watch five local entrepreneurs pitch their businesses live on stage and help decide, with a cool text-to-vote tool, how much money each entrepreneur wins that night. The judges that night will be:

  • Bo Levi Mitchell, Stampeders Quarterback
  • Marlo Brausse, Owner of Barre Body Studio
  • Patrick McLellan, Managing Director of ATB Digital team
  • Allison Swelin, Manager of health, sales, & marketing for Garmin International

Tickets to ATB BoostR Stage Pitch YYC can be purchased by clicking the button below.