Coworking for the skilled trades at HustleCo

tradesman coworking at hustleco workspace in calgary

When most people think of coworking, the image that comes to mind is either nothing, because they haven’t heard of it before, or they believe it’s just another business center, like Regus. For those that know about true coworking, the image that comes to mind is a Silicon valley style collaborative workspace ideally suited for tech entrepreneurs or freelancers. Most people believe the majority of members of coworking spaces are involved in tech or digital marketing or design and that’s almost entirely true. Most of these businesses, are online and most importantly they need access to desks, fast internet, and lots of coffee. These businesses are ideal for the coworking domain. However, think for a second, what if we shook it up at HustleCo in Calgary, and made a strong effort to bring in some forward thinking folks from the trades to get a spot at HustleCo? Most would initially think, what the hell is the owner of a construction company going to do with a desk at HustleCo, or why would a landscaping company would ever need a hotdesking membership? Well, I can think of many but below are 2 big reasons we think a coworking membership at HustleCo can be beneficial for anyone who owns a business in the trades. A hotdesking membership is super affordable and the value derived from it is certainly worth the price. Try us out for 2 weeks unlimited for only $50 if you don’t believe us.

Reason #1: Networking

You’d be hard-pressed to find a coworking space full of painters, electricians, HVAC technicians, or concrete finishers but you can use that reality to your advantage. Being a tradesperson in a sea of computer people would really set you apart and serve to bring awareness to your business. People do business with people they like and people they know. At any given time you will be exposed to dozens of people working at HustleCo in various industries and will be more easily connected. You will be surrounded by people that will at some point need your services in their life and for their businesses as they expand. As we all know, word of mouth and referral marketing is some of the best ways to build your business so why not increase those chances of growing your business?

Reason #2: Embracing digital marketing

Most folks at a coworking space are doing “computer things” which most tradespeople are certainly not specialized in. If you spend a few hours every week at HustleCo, you will be surrounded by people that can help you in other aspects of your business besides the trade you do such as digital advertising and web design. What really makes a business grow and succeed is a strong focus on 1) marketing and 2) innovation. We’ll leave the innovation to yourself and your trade, but tradespeople can learn a lot in the marketing aspect by spending some time at HustleCo. Even though the work you do is not digital, when a pipe bursts at 2am or a furnace breaks down, instantly, your target market goes to Google find someone to fix the problem. Wouldn’t a unique and effective digital strategy in this case inspired by people and the culture at HustleCo help propel your brand forward?

A hotdesking membership with unlimited access to HustleCo Workspace 24/7 and all HustleCo events comes in at only $250 per month. For most contractors, it won’t function to replace a garage or shop, but it can certainly complement and accelerate your marketing strategy to help grow your business and give you exposure to other business owners and folks in need of your services.