Ditch the home office for coworking in Calgary

coworking vs home office in calgary

So when is the right time to move out of the home office and into a coworking space? Right now. When is the time to upgrade to a dedicated office? When you’ve outgrown coworking. How do most businesses start? It seems like all the tech startups originated from a garage. The right time to move out of the home office is as fast as you can. Your home is called a home for a reason, and you do homey things there ie. cook, wrench on your car, sleep, etc. However by most measures, your home should not be a place where you work primarily.

There are a few instances where having a home office can make sense. I’m all in favour of having a workstation at your home to get some work done as needed, however, by no means should it ever be the primary source of your work. If you have interns and clients coming into your home or you need to meet potential clients at their office or at Starbucks, get a coworking space. Think you need a full office? Most don’t need one yet, and we’ll explain later why the full corporate office is going by the wayside and coworking is the way to go. Here are 5, super-important reasons to move into a coworking space or business incubator to accelerate your growth.

  1. Don’t sacrifice your sanctuary: I mean this. Your home is your sanctuary. You need a place where you can get space and not be interrupted by anyone. When you work in your home, not only do you devalue the sanctuary of home, you also lower down the quality of work life. It’s almost like with the home office, you save money but you sacrifice your sanctuary. Life is good, enjoy work and finding your purpose and passion in it is exceptionally important for a truly fulfilled life. However, the most basic human needs are food and shelter and you need to serve those uninterrupted. Have that separation between work and home.
  2. Office space adds legitimacy: I don’t care what you say, having an actual office/coworking space adds a level of legitimacy to your business. It’s a serious thing. Would you ever think to visit a doctor at their “home office?” or better yet, how would you feel if you were in divorce court at the judge’s home? Just because the stakes are high with the doctor or judge doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to act any different depending on the type of business you operate.
  3. People, people, people: There’s a sureshot way to be successful, I’m not kidding. It’s so simple. The more people you know the better chances of success you have, it’s a mathematical certainty. If you knew everyone in the world, you would know the 1696 or so billionaires that exist. Do you not think at least one of those 1696 billionaires could at least give you what you needed to succeed? Or at least they can pay you or loan you the cash to figure it out. Are you going to meet more people working at your home office, I don’t think so. Get yourself out to a space where you will be surrounded by people and you’ll increase those chances. You may not run across a billionaire right away but you’ll certainly be exposed to people that can help you grow.
  4. Perspective: Because the lines between work life and home life are being blurred, when you are in your home, sometimes your productivity is down because you’re not “there to work” You’re there because that’s where you woke up and it’s your home. Sure it can work as a short term solution, but an actual space is critical to find that space between work and home, literally. Coworking, is the option that is most suitable for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and gig-economists.
  5. Significant Others: School, work and friends of friends all have something in common. They are the places where people tend to meet their significant others. So why is this important? Whether you are looking or not, if you are not increasing your chances of meeting suitable men or women you are increasing your chances of dying lonely.

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