Working in downtown is overrated: 6 reasons why

Coworking outside downtown calgary

Working downtown in Calgary is seriously overrated. When we decided we wanted to build our Calgary coworking space HustleCo, one of our biggest commitments was to find a space outside the downtown core. Another huge non-negotiable was to find one close to Chinook mall. We love this part of town and believe it is the perfect location for a Calgary coworking space for a variety of reasons. We are so happy to have found an amazing land development company, PBA Land, which has been supportive of the HustleCo vision every step along the way. Here are some specific reasons you should consider coworking in the Chinook area and why we chose this location for our space.

Proximity to Transit

HustleCo is a 4 minute walk from Chinook LRT. Not only is Chinook LRT on the most popular green line that takes you right downtown, it is the mac daddy of stations: a park and ride station. That means, if you have a meeting downtown and are super lazy or super cold from the bitter winter, skip the 4 minute walk from HustleCo and just drive and park for free at the station. It’s less than 10 minutes on the train to get to the core, no transfers.

Car2go Zone

We managed to be out of the downtown core while still remaining along the border of the Car2Go home zone! That means, you can take a car2go to and from HustleCo cowork space as you please.


We have free tenant parking and free street parking right out front HustleCo. In a car centric city with the brutal winters Calgary experiences, we love how we can offer this convenience to our members at no extra cost. If you have to zip downtown for a meeting, you can drive in less than 10 minutes to the core.


Chinook Mall complex is the second most valuable property in Calgary and tops a billion dollars in value while being the biggest mall the city has to offer. HustleCo is less than 10 minutes from Chinook mall on foot. Every night, Chinook is open till at least 9 and many restaurants and establishments around, including convenience and liquor stores are open late, much later than retail shops in the +15 in fact. Calgary downtown is dead after 6pm but Chinook area is still going strong, like most hardworking business owners. It is the ideal habitat for budding entrepreneurs.


Buildings around Chinook area are subject to much lower property taxes than in the downtown core. These savings are directly passed on to our members and we are proud to offer some of the most affordable coworking options in Calgary. We all know as true entrepreneurs the problems of cash flow when growing your empire.

Mountain Views and Green Space

No concrete jungle blocking our view! On a sunny day like we have so much of in Calgary, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Feeling humble compared to the power of mother nature, is bound to take you to a different place. Enjoy the lawn in the summertime, or play soccer in the nearby field or maybe some softball at the baseball diamond next door.

Come try coworking in Calgary at HustleCo Workspace. Our intro offer is irresistible and gives you the ability to see that it’s the place you are looking for! We’re looking forward to seeing you check out the space or come to one of our events!