ATB BoostR: Where are they now with Dragon Manjit Minhas et. al.

HustleCo Coworking Space and ATB Sponsor

The “Where are they now” BoostR Alumni Stage upcoming event at Trolley 5 on June 13th is one you don’t want to miss. Four former ATB BoostR participants will return to the stage to share their stories in a where are they now edition of #BoostRStageYYC. And to make things even more interesting, five experts will bid their time and expertise to the entrepreneur they think has what it takes to make it. HustleCo is happy to be the media sponsor for this event, contact us if you would like to get tickets or purchase them here.

The expert panel that night will be:

The ATB alumni that will be present are:

HustleCo Workspace is Calgary’s newest coworking space launching in June. HustleCo’s mission is to inspire entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig economists to grow everyday and challenge the norms by embracing the HustleCo Workspace and lifestyle.

P.S. I’m really hoping Manjit brings some Boxer Hard Grape Soda, it’s seriously damn good and it’s the colour of HustleCo.