One way HustleCo is helping Calgary small businesses for free

Helping Small Business in Calgary with Reviews

If this is the first HustleCo article you are reading, let me give you some perspective. HustleCo Workspace is a coworking space and lifestyle brand envisioned by Husam Al-rameeni and Steve Paolasini to empower and help entrepreneurs, gig-economists and freelancers in any way possible. The ways we help entrepreneurs are in many ways but the most obvious is by providing a kickass motivational workspace. Another primary method to help small business owners is by providing them with our extensive knowledge of digital marketing to guide them in the right direction for their business, brand or lifestyle at our coworking space in Calgary. Our rollout soon of HustleCo Labs is one that will provide workshops, bootcamps and courses for our members and guests to help take their businesses to the next level. This is our mission and our passion, to truly empower entrepreneurs. Let it be known that nothing will stand in our way of doing this and we are set to reinvent the competition here for coworking spaces in Calgary and trailblaze our own path to worldwide domination of this space.

One simple method that I have been implementing over the past few days and will remain committed to, is to provide any small business that I deal with ever, with a positive reviews on either Facebook, Google, or both. If you have dealt with a small business and fallen in love with their product or service do yourself and them a favour. Provide them with value they cannot provide for themselves. Give them a shoutout or kickass review on Facebook or Google. If either Husam or I have ever, through the HustleCo brand, inspired or helped you in any way, we would love and appreciate a review. Reviews help for online visibility and also help new consumers to make the right choices! So do your part. It honestly takes no more than 1-2 minutes but will make an entrepreneur’s day.

There are some things in life that cost nothing to give (a genuine smile for example) but another one would be providing a business with a great review. Some pessimists may argue, well, won’t it cost me my time? Sure it can, so long as you are unable to multitask, dumbass! This about how often you are idle during the day. Whenever you are able to get to your phone for several minutes during the day, get online and write a few sentences about how that person’s business, service or product positively impacted your life. Maybe you are waiting for the train, in the back of a cab, waiting at a stoplight (in the passenger seat of course), or waiting for your food. Provide every entrepreneur who deserves it with value if you can, because you never know where that relationship will take you in life. Plus, they’ll probably give you free shit too in appreciation of your support. Come visit our coworking space in Calgary, we’re (officially) opening soon! We’d love to give you a tour and get to know ya.

By the way, this article was written 2 weeks ago. Today, the manager from Browns Social House in Brittannia approached while Husam and I were having a beer and bought the next round! She recognized my picture from the review I wrote for their restaurant. Cheers to free beer!