Open concept coworking in Calgary at HustleCo

Regus Coworking Old HustleCo Cubicles Calgary

When we moved into the HustleCo space, guess what the office was filled with? Here’s a hint, they’re: dreaded, beige, almost at the ceiling, and it looks like they came straight outta the 90’s. Cubicles! Even the name is a serious turnoff. To build our HustleCo coworking dream, we envisioned an ultra open-concept take on our space and taking them down was the absolute first order of business. In fact, it was quite symbolic tearing down those walls and opening up the space. We kept repeating from Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Tearing down walls is great, it’s empowering. In the words of Mr. Steve Wozniak, “Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked.” And just like doors and walls, those cubicles had to go. Stop being a square (a cube?) and switch to an open-concept coworking space like HustleCo.

Once they were all gone, the space truly began to shine. Finally, light could penetrate into the office from the large HustleCo windows and vistas of the rockies in the distance could be seen from anywhere in the office. Hurray, now it felt less communist and more coworking. For anyone who still thinks that cubicles serve a purpose, that’s a limiting belief, here’s why cubicles are bullshit.


They look like shit and make you feel like it too. Nobody has ever thought about adding a cubicle to their space for visual appeal. Besides, when they nearly touch the ceiling you truly feel like you’re in a jail or a veal pen.


Cubicles originally had a purpose: noise cancellation allowing people to “focus” on their work. Instead of spending $5000 on a cubicle to do that that looks horrible, just cowork in an open space with noise cancelling headphones duh!


Yeah, they are way too much money. They are one of those things that cost so much money to install but once you’re done with it, they are hardly salvageable. Once you install a cubicle, kiss away 80% of the purchase price. They are a fast depreciating product.

Anti Collab

In a cubicle culture you are only really friends with your neighbour, which can be good or bad depending on the neighbour. With an open concept, you can freely mingle, network and brainstorm with those around you.

But what about focus and concentration in an open concept office? Here’s a simple idea. At HustleCo, we have a double-sided coaster, one side red, one side green. In the zone and do not want to be interrupted? Flip over the coaster to red. Interested in opening up to collaboration ideas and discussion, flip over the coaster to green and you’re good to go. Come check out HustleCo Workspace and take advantage of our intro offer to see how the open-concept workspace for coworking can open your mind and expand your business. Stuck in the 80’s and still want a cubicle? Our top pick for outdated offices is from the British impostors at Regus.