5 Reasons Why You Should Hook Up With An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship life is anything but stable which can make relationships a challenge. HustleCo Workspace in Calgary is mostly comprised of entrepreneurs and business owners which is why we’re always talking about entrepreneurship. If some of our coworking members aren’t entrepreneurs, they at least have a high level of intrapreneurship, which refers to an entrepreneurial mindset and psychology without being a business owner.

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While dating entrepreneurs can be a challenge, since we are already married to our work, here’s 5 top reasons why dating an entrepreneur is super sexy and totally worth it.


Entrepreneurs are adventurous and fun! We don’t settle for the stable 9-5 so why would we settle for the stable boring stuff? We’re risk takers and like to try new things. That means fun hot dates, great times, new experiences and a guaranteed level of spiciness in the sack.


We know what it means to be dedicated and committed to something like our business. It takes a great, can-do attitude and a level of persistence Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds would be proud of to make a business succeed. We’re able to directly translate these skills and attitude into building hot and great lasting relationship


By the nature of entrepreneurship we are naturally independent. While at other jobs and work situations there is someone above in the chain of command, entrepreneurs are the top dogs. Everything has to go through and be decided by us. That means, we’re busy as fuck. So you do your thing, paint night with the ladies, or a beers with the boys, while we do ours, and we’ll get together when we can for a date and make totally worth it in every possible way;) No need to worry about clinginess here.


People pursue entrepreneurship because they have big dreams and goals. They want to change something, solve a problem and make a dent in the universe. This takes a massive level of confidence to do so and what’s more sexy than that? Besides, with entrepreneurship, we only have to be right once to get the financial freedom to afford all of life’s pleasures!

Flexible Schedule

Do you have a breakfast couples cooking class you wanted to attend on Monday morning? Do you wanna go for a early afternoon wine tasting? Or maybe you just want to go for a kickass sunrise hike! Entrepreneurs, while overall are very busy, have schedules that can be flexible when needed which leads to super creative dates. We may have trouble making the friday or saturday night date, but have you been to the bar on a Tuesday?

Dating an entrepreneur is super sexy and totally worth it. So what are you waiting for? Why not find your next date while coworking at HustleCo Workspace!


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