Renting the HustleCo Bar Event Space for Intimate Workshops

HustleCo Event Workspace in Calgary

HustleCo is not just a coworking space in Calgary. We are on a mission to empower Calgary entrepreneurs. We exist to support local entrepreneurs, freelancers, gig-economists and consultants here in Calgary. That’s why we launched. The founders, Husam and Steve, having entered entrepreneurship over 3 years ago, know the importance of a strong and supportive community to help grow your business and personal self. We love to help and see people succeed and we’re here to help in anyway possible.

In line with our mission, HustleCo is equipped with some kickass boardrooms, and an event space with a capacity of up to 60 people. We know what it means to be an entrepreneur, we know the struggle, day in day out. That’s why, we offer our event space absolutely free of charge for our dedicated members. For our part-time dime members and drop-ins, we offer the event space at a reasonable and fair price, or for paid workshops, we are even willing to take commissions instead of a flat-fee. If you have an event you’d like to host that provides value, contact us and we’d be happy to pencil you in. House rules apply and absolutely no Amway presentations, sorry. Be sure to let us know why we should host your event and why it will benefit anyone in the entrepreneurship, freelance, consultant or gig-economist realm here in Calgary. We don’t care what you do, or how you do it so long as it stays in line with our commitments to our landlord and isn’t grossly illegal. We care about why you do what you do and why the space is right for you. We want to make sure we attract the right people for the events, particularly folks that appreciate amazing hospitality by HustleCo, unlimited free parking, and a great, optimistic community.

If you charge a ticket price for your event, instead of paying for the space upfront, all we take is a commission on the ticket price. This way, we only make money when you do, and you can never “overbook” the event space and be left in the red. Please fill out the form below to let us know the details of your event and we will be in touch! Keep it real and do it live!

Pictures are coming! We just launched and are still making some sweet additions to the space. If you want to book an appointment to see the space, you can sure do that by contacting us. Otherwise, we take drop-ins too, just like the barbershop down the street. Contact us about event space in Calgary for your next event. See you soon!