Open Concept Coworking Etiquette 4 tips

Now that HustleCo has been open in Calgary for over a month, there are things we learned of when it comes to coworking that one must be cognizant of, especially while working in an open-concept space. We believe, as do most real coworking spaces, that a large and open workspace has huge advantages over a cubicled office, or a highly … Read More

HustleCo Sunday Jam Sessions

Sunday. The day typically reserved for hangover recovery after that Saturday with the boys or if you’re a bit more behaved, church mass. HustleCo thought, why not take the most notoriously relaxing day in the Western World and redefine it? After all, most of us entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig-economists in Calgary don’t really follow the 9-5 anyways, so why follow … Read More