Open Concept Coworking Etiquette 4 tips

Now that HustleCo has been open in Calgary for over a month, there are things we learned of when it comes to coworking that one must be cognizant of, especially while working in an open-concept space. We believe, as do most real coworking spaces, that a large and open workspace has huge advantages over a cubicled office, or a highly divided floor of private offices. The main advantages exist for the same reason that people choose coworking to begin with: to encourage networking and collaboration. We all know the best networking happens when it’s not intended right?! As with everything in life, there are tradeoffs with everything, or else alternatives would not exist! Think about it..So what are the tradeoffs with open-concept coworking and how can those be mitigated? Besides some other additions to the space, such as private offices, soundproof corridors, how does coworking etiquette and the behaviour of your fellow coworkers affect the coworking environment?

  1. Please be hygienic: Although we haven’t experienced this problem yet at HustleCo, it could very well be upon us one day. Just like the gym asks you to wear clean, fresh smelling clothes, the same goes for a coworking space. Yes, we encourage a casual office atmosphere, but the moment that your life choices begin to inflict upon the ability of others to enjoy the space, it’s time to shower up.
  2. Productive talking is encouraged, shouting is not: It’s fine to have a chat or two with a fellow coworker, but at which point does it become problematic? The key is volume and length of conversation. Talk, but don’t talk too loudly. Put yourself in the shoes of your fellow coworker. If you see headphones on all around, you know louder is okay. Read the body language of your neighbours. If you feel it’s going to be a long conversation, just head over the lounge, kitchen, the corridor, or proceed to a boardroom.
  3. Music: While we love to play music at HustleCo, especially upbeat music to keep us all motivated, a symphony of laptop speakers constructing soundwaves into a dissonant murmur, is less than ideal. If you want to a put a good song on everyone will enjoy, feel free to do so with our speaker system. If you have to listen to music, a podcast, an audiobook, a speech, or mix a track, please do so with headphones on.
  4. Eating: We have a kitchen and lounge for a specific reason, we’d like to keep food mess (and smell) there. Not everyone likes the smell of warmed up curry from the microwave while they are working. For this reason, we ask that hot foods, smelly foods, or excessively loud crunchy foods, stay in the lounge and kitchen area. Neutral foods can be consumed at your desk of course!

If these rules sound pretty doable for you, we invite you to come try HustleCo Workspace for 2 weeks for only $50 as part of our intro offer. Book a tour with us if you haven’t already and come check us out!