HustleCo Create Sunday Sessions

HustleCo Create Sunday Session Jam Book Coworking

Just this past Sunday we had our second, HustleCo Create Sunday Session, ever! Well, to be honest, it may have been more like the first, because technically our first one was called HustleCo Jam Sessions, which I still have a challenge letting go. We changed the name to HustleCo Create, because of all the creation that’s meant to happen on Sunday’s here. We also didn’t want to trick people into thinking there would be live music at HustleCo. Maybe one day, but for now, HustleCo Create is what it’s called. So let’s summarize, what exactly is a HustleCo Create Session?

We throw a small get together at HustleCo on every Sunday after 12pm and call this HustleCo Create. The objective is to get people together on this day, one they are least likely to actually “work” on, to do some fun stuff or accomplish work they’ve been desiring to complete. This includes working on perhaps a script, a book, a passion project, or just hanging out, meeting new people, watching football, and enjoying snacks. Our latest Create Sunday Session was just in time for Week 1 of the start of NFL football season. We had 10 people come hang out on Sunday at the space. An mvp of an app was built, new connections were made, WordPress was taught, business cards were exchanged, and we all had some great conversations. Next weekend it’s going to be even more people and more great stuff is going to happen as we continue to grow Create Sunday Sessions at HustleCo.

HustleCo Create Sessions are only $10 for non-members and $5 for students. The event is free of charge for HustleCo members. If you want to stay up to date with the next HustleCo Create Sunday Session, join our Meetup group, or like us on Facebook.

Event Description

Free drop-ins for members, $5 for full-time students, and $10 drop-ins for non-members. Crush out some work, hustle hard, meet some new people and have fun this Sunday.

Sunday. The day typically reserved for hangover recovery after that Saturday with the boys or if you’re a bit more behaved, church mass. HustleCo thought, why not take the most notoriously relaxing day in the Western World and redefine it? After all, most of us entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig-economists in Calgary don’t really follow the 9-5 anyways, so why follow the convention of the 9-5’ers? Why be like everyone else who’s not like us? Let’s be trailblazers and redefine Sunday.

Join HustleCo Workspace every Sunday afternoon for HustleCo Create Sessions. Create Sessions are an unconventional time and way to get fun work done, network, notwork, skunkwork, and work on some passion projects! This is a great day and time to work on things you’ve been wanting to and meaning to, but not necessarily had to. Think, writing an E-book you’ve been meaning to, wanting to fix up your Instagram feed, or just work on something fun and atypical for the M-F schedule. Perhaps you want to learn a new skill, work on your personal website, fix up your resume or set up some Facebook ads. Whatever it is, you’ll find it here. Create Sessions are a great way to set your intention for the week, crush out some work, meet new people, and have fun while at it.