HustleCo Social Enterprise Mission Update

I have a very important and exciting message to share with you today to kick off November as Philanthropy Month.

As many of you may know, our mission at HustleCo Workspace is to provide an inspirational, motivational, and productive shared work environment and community to serve entrepreneurs, freelancers, and hustlers. Of course, we are always looking to do more for people and for entrepreneurs in in this vibrant community and on that note, I would like to introduce to you our expansion as a social enterprise coworking space and marketing incubator.

The skills that Husam and I have developed throughout our entrepreneurship journey are heavily rooted in business and marketing. Time and time again, we have proven marketing success for a variety of clients, and it continues to get better every single day. Now, in our time operating the newest coworking space here in town, we have deciphered that one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and startups in general is marketing their product or service effectively. Most entrepreneurs are just too focused on their business and they struggle to market themselves consistently and in a way that will take their business to the next level, especially young businesses with limited resources (the ones we like the most).

In the words of Peter Drucker, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. We all know, the most successful businesses in the world, have the best marketing. So Husam and I have worked very hard to develop a program at HustleCo that provides our members with all the marketing support they need at no additional cost. That’s right, startup entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone managing their own business at HustleCo can get all the marketing support they need, just by being a member here. That is first aspect of our new found social mission. Helping small businesses grow right here in Calgary.

Many of you may ask, how can we achieve this? How do we have the time to market for our members and their business at no additional cost? The fact is, we don’t have the time to do that. But we do have the time to put in our sweat equity to lead and inspire a team of eager and hungry interns and students looking to develop skills and to gain experience. This way, ambitious people are able to learn how to work with variety of startups and established companies on a range of marketing tasks. This team of incredible people, are known as our HustleCo Heroes and they work directly to support our Members at HustleCo under the direction, experience and leadership of Husam and I. Whether our heroes are looking to transition their career path, gain experience they need for the career or their dreams, or dip their toes into the startup scene, we are here to provide that for them amongst other things. That is the second aspect of our social mission.

Many of you may have doubts about the success of this model but in reality, it has worked for our first three heroes. Our first graduate we pulled from a boring management role in a big box retailer. He pursued his passion upon graduating as a hero and is now a successful career actor. According to this gentleman, we are the catalyst, which inspired him to gain the skills needed to market and realize his potential in the acting industry. Two of our other heroes, graduated in under 4 months and have achieved full-time salaried marketing manager positions right here in Calgary, neither in oil & gas. In a city that currently has the highest unemployment rate of any large city in Canada, we are thrilled at this result. However, we want to do more. We want to continue to support and grow our members and their business. We want to continue to support, lead and inspire our heroes to become better versions of themselves. We want to continue to diversify and grow the economy in Calgary for a more stable and prosperous future for everyone.

It took us a while to figure it out, but it is now the core of our business. HustleCo is a coworking space and marketing incubator that generates social profit by growing rising entrepreneurs, upcoming leaders, and ambitious people together. We always wanted to give back to the community, but we wanted it to be more impactful than just cutting a cheque. We now have figured it out and it was under our nose the whole time. HustleCo is a social enterprise. Husam and I, are social entrepreneurs. We exist to generate social profit in terms of diversifying and prospering the economy by supporting and growing small business while drastically improving the employability of a large, unemployed, uninspired or unsatisfied workforce. That is our social mission. Thank you, and stay tuned for further developments with HustleCo.