HustleCo Announces New Coworking Location in the Beltline Calgary

coworking calgary hustleco beltline

HustleCo Workspace has made some big changes and we’re happy to announce that we have moved our primary community hub and coworking space to the Beltline! While our inaugural Chinook location will always have a special place in our hearts, the reality is that it was not conducive to achieving our mission as an accessible and affordable coworking space in line with our long term vision for rapid growth and expansion. As you may know, HustleCo is a coworking company that provides affordable and accessible flexible workspaces for anyone looking to work beyond the coffee shop or home office. We focus on building a supportive community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, gig-economists and remote workers in these workspaces facilitated through our community events, digital platforms, and support initiatives to help our members grow personally and in their business.

Our newest space is now fully accessible. As a strategic alliance, HustleCo exists within Stratus Offices, a locally established leader of flexible office solutions and commercial property. The move allows us to remain an accessible and affordable flexible workspace and community hub for early-stage entrepreneurs and freelancers while allowing HustleCo to have greater potential to rapidly scale and expand into multiples cities and communities. There are three main factors in this decision; better location, better business model, and better space, that will keep our mission growing everyday and get us closer to achieving our long-term vision of becoming a worldwide brand in 5 years.

Better Location

The new location is strategically located to be significantly more convenient for our current members and event guests by being located in one of the most densely populated and trendy neighbourhoods in Calgary. By moving here, we instantly position HustleCo within walking distance of tens of thousands of Calgarians as opposed to the few hundred that live within walking distance of our previous location. The new location is also 5 blocks from the free-fare transit zone so it is easily accessible from all quadrants of the city. Being centrally located yet outside the core provides multiple paid hourly and monthly parking options that are significantly more affordable than downtown rates and there is abundant free street parking nearby. We could not have chosen a better location for HustleCo and this is particularly beneficial for our events like Fiver Fridays and content generation sessions.

Better Business Model

By forming an alliance with Stratus Offices, we are effectively leveraging both our strengths as companies in a complementary fashion. HustleCo is a known leader in building supportive communities for entrepreneurs, freelancers, gig-economists, and remote workers facilitated through our community events, digital platforms, and support initiatives. Stratus Offices is a local leader in providing flexible office solutions and expertly equipped business centres for entrepreneurs and small business owners. A good analogy would be the alliance between the world’s largest retailer and quick service food joint, Wal-Mart and McDonalds. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we formed an alliance with a local leader to compound our strengths and ultimately provide exceptional value to our marketplace and clientele, together.

Better Space

Simply put, the new space is better equipped to provide more value to our current and future members than our previous space. By being located within Stratus Offices, our members can easily cowork in the environment and community of HustleCo and as needed, grow into private offices that are professionally equipped and managed by Stratus Offices. The new space enables our members to take advantage of professionally equipped boardrooms, a lounge, free printing, a full-time receptionist, a training classroom, and access to not just one, but two kitchens all while keeping our prices affordable.

The shift enables us to provide more value to our members and community and allows us to expand rapidly into multiple cities and locations while growing our social initiatives. Stratus Offices is an initiative launched by Strategic Group, a commercial real estate development company with over 1 billion dollars in assets. Stratus Offices already has 4 locations in the city and be sure to look for HustleCo popping up within them before 2019. We will never sacrifice our mission of making our community accessible and affordable, especially to early-stage entrepreneurs and gig-economists.

If you wish to support the growth of HustleCo and our various community initiatives, be sure to drop by for one of our events or consider a coworking membership on promotion for the month of August. Awesome and inspiring apparel is coming soon 🙂

Our new address is:

Stratus#300 1210 8 Street SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 1L3