Member Update: Chad Ford eyes Calgary Centre nomination for federal politics

HustleCo is happy to announce that our longstanding member, Chad Ford, is running to be the nominee for the CPC for the Calgary Centre riding. As founder of Sunexo Solutions, director of Startup Grind Calgary, and a Canadian Forces veteran, we are thrilled that Chad has chosen to run for public office. This is a very exciting opportunity for someone who is a cornerstone of the HustleCo Community to represent HustleCo’s riding of Calgary Centre in Ottawa. We excited for Chad and wish him the best of luck, not just because of his affiliation with the HustleCo community, rather, we believe he is an ideal candidate to represent our voice and the voice of Calgary Centre in Ottawa. Here are three of many reasons why we’re stoked to have Chad Ford run for MP of Calgary Centre and wish him the best of luck.


Chad has not only been a support to HustleCo in our entrepreneurship journey but also to the members of HustleCo. The company he founded, Sunexo Solutions, is an innovative technology company born in Alberta to manage stakeholder engagement for large energy and resource companies. This is the type of innovation that Alberta needs to remain competitive in the global economy. We also have seen that Chad Ford truly understands the struggles of entrepreneurship, especially the troubles that startup companies like HustleCo have faced in a challenging economic environment. His voice, his support, and his understanding of entrepreneurs is something the current government is lacking, and we are confident Chad will be able to transform that with his experience and dedication.  

Community Builder

Chad founded the Calgary chapter of Startup Grind in 2017. Startup Grind Calgary, in our opinion, has been the leading non-profit, volunteer-driven, grassroots community resource for entrepreneurs in this city. In less than 2 years, Chad has grown the Startup Grind Calgary chapter to over 1500 members to become one of the largest chapters in North America. HustleCo is one of the proud partners of Startup Grind Calgary after seeing the immense benefit it has had on the entrepreneurship community in Calgary.

He’s got what it takes to win

As the old expression goes, you never know someone fully until you live with them. In our opinion, the next closest approximation would be working alongside someone for the last 1.5 years. Chad espouses all the values that someone should have that would run for public office. He’s a winner. He has the heart and hustle of a true entrepreneur. He is a fantastic communicator with people from all walks of life and is an honest, hard-working individual. A strong work-ethic and the ability to drive and get projects completed efficiently is what we need to see more of in government.

We’re so excited for Chad, and hope you are too. If you want to support and encourage Chad, please give his Facebook page a like, or visit his website for other means of support.

Best of luck Chad!