8 reasons students should join HustleCo Workspace and experience coworking

Most coworking spaces brand themselves as workspaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. However, one of the markets we appeal to at HustleCo is the student market and we’ve had several students work out of the space. If you are a student and looking for a place to study, work, collaborate and network, HustleCo Workspace in Calgary is an ideal option. Here are 8 reasons studying at HustleCo Workspace is great for students in Calgary looking to escape the coffee shop, overpacked library or their unproductive home library.

24/7 access

HustleCo offers 24/7 access to our members. That means, no matter how early or late you like to study, or how long, you can always come here to get work done and the coffee is always fresh and available.

Guaranteed a Seat

The libraries can get packed around exam time, especially the coffee shops. With HustleCo, you are always guaranteed a desk with an ergonomic comfy chair and monitor to increase your productivity.

Abundant Free Parking

We know how much the universities, colleges and continuing education institutes like to charge for parking. Luckily, there is an abundance of free street parking close to HustleCo and it opens up significantly after 6pm and on weekends.


The coffee shop and library are not always the most secure places. When you need to use the washroom, chances are you have ask your neighbour to watch over your valuables or lock up your laptop. HustleCo is secure and access is restricted to members only.

Free Coffee and Tea

HustleCo has free coffee and tea for its members. You can always be sure to have a fresh cup of Joe when you’re studying hard.


HustleCo is the most affordable coworking space in Calgary. We’ve managed to keep prices low by commitment to maintaining an agile workspace model by leveraging technology extensively, a simple product offering, and community sourced management.

Fast Internet

We know the universities have fast internet but coffee shops do not. So when you’re having trouble downloading what you need and working in the cloud, HustleCo is here to help.

Expanded Community

Not all members at coworking spaces are students but most people at the library are students. When you join HustleCo, you join a community of people to network with and make new connections outside the student bubble. These members have a range of backgrounds including: remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. These connections could have an impact on your future job prospects amongst other things.

Get started on our introductory offer for just $75. This gives you a month to check out HustleCo with unlimited access during reception hours to see if coworking is right for you. If you’re not ready to sign up yet, book a tour below and we’ll offer you a free day pass to give HustleCo a try.