HustleCo Workspace Marketing Internship Program summer 2019

Become a HustleCo Hero

You know the chicken-egg problem about job experience? You need to have experience to get hired to get experience? We understand there is a big gap between work experience and what they teach you at school. HustleCo can close that gap. HustleCo was founded by QuadRipple, an inbound marketing and digital media agency based here in Calgary. The founders of QuadRipple and HustleCo have over 3 years experience in startup businesses and entrepreneurship. This is a marketing internship to join our HustleCo Hero Squad. This position is eligible for University/College co-op credit.

What is HustleCo?

HustleCo is a coworking space and digital marketing company located in Calgary, Alberta, that generates social profit by growing rising entrepreneurs, upcoming leaders, and ambitious people together. HustleCo strives to provide a superior motivational and engaging work environment optimized for entrepreneurs, freelancers and gig economists. Entrepreneurs and startups are often challenged to market their product or service effectively and HustleCo exists to solve that problem. Startup entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone managing their own business at HustleCo can get all the marketing support they need by being a member here. This is made possible by HustleCo leading and guiding a team of eager Heroes (interns) looking to gain valuable education and work experience in exchange for their time in a variety of marketing aspects under the direction of HustleCo.

Personality traits of someone who we are looking for
  • A willingness to learn
  • Positive attitude
  • Great people skills and high EQ
  • Hard-working
  • Creativity
  • Someone who takes initiative
Who we are not looking for
  • Someone whose focus is on making money
  • Someone who doesn’t want to grow and learn
The ideal candidate?
  • Someone entrepreneurial who is recently graduated or taking some time off school and is understanding of the hustle of a startup environment.
  • Someone who is looking for an opportunity to develop their skills over the next 3-4 months
  • Someone who is currently in school (part-time) and looking to gain work experience in marketing.
  • Or maybe you?

We need people who are not focused on money, rather on obtaining experience and growing themselves in the marketing realm. This may also mean our ideal candidates are younger adults with limited financial responsibility who may live at home and are able to focus on investing their time to grow their skills.

What we can offer
  • A learning environment unlike any other
  • Gained experience in marketing, event management, promotions, website editing, communication, and sales
  • An environment where you can express your creativity and be a big fish in small pond
  • A fantastic and incredible work environment at HustleCo where many connections are waiting to be made
  • A kickass recommendation upon completion of your internship
  • A flexible work environment. As an unpaid internship position, we understand if you need to continue to work as you wish to transition your career.
What we cannot offer
  • A salary or wage. This is an unpaid internship where you trade time for experience
Job Type / Category
What will you learn working with HustleCo?

In short, you will develop skills that will make you an excellent marketing manager including the tasks associated with that position by working with our members and clients under the direction of HustleCo. Some specific skills and tasks:

  • Posting on various social media channels
  • Animated Instagram stories
  • Blogging for HustleCo as an inbound marketing strategy
  • Facebook and Google advertising
  • Other aspects of digital marketing as they come up
  • Basic design principles
  • Website building, design edits and changes
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, SEO
  • Event planning and workshop development
  • Video editing
  • And so much more
Who will you work with at HustleCo?
  • Members at our space (startup businesses in a variety of industries)
  • Clients outside our space (larger established businesses and clientele)
  • HustleCo, and the marketing direction of HustleCo as an organization
Why work with HustleCo? (Ask us about our success stories)
  • We will provide a platform for you to obtain the skills necessary to be hired for a full-time marketing manager position or similar at the end of your training
  • Our previous heroes and interns, when completing the program, have found paid, salaried positions in the marketing realm
  • We’ll help you find that job
  • It’s a great place to work

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please apply and let us know why you’d make a great HustleCo Hero. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Please attach your resume and cover letter.