The Freelancer’s Oasis: How can you be a freelancer with other people?

The Freelancer’s Oasis is an alluring fantasyland of freedom to those who exist between the walls of a 9 to 5. Freelancers are the lone wolves of the working world, they roam free from the constraints of an office, and choose their targets of work. Well, that’s what they want you to think. But any dedicated freelancer will tell you that it is not as magical and free as it sounds, but it can be worth it. Most freelancers will tell you that there are great times when clients seem to come from everywhere, and you feel like you are rolling in the deep, but there are also too many times when all the want to do is scream ‘I will never fucking freelance ever again’. Being around people who have probably screamed about freelancing more time than they would like to admit, can help you and your sanity. 

Try coworking!

Your freelance business can’t survive without other people, you need them more than you might like to admit. Access to people can help. But….. how can you be a freelancer with other people, but still exist within the freedom of the oasis. Think about this:

  1. Join meet-up groups: freelancer meet-up groups do exist, and they can help you meet people like you, or better yet they can help you meet people who need you and your freelancing services. 
  2. Attend networking events: networking is hard when you live inside the exclusivity of your Freelancer’s Oasis, but meeting people can only ever improve your freelance business. There are always business events, networking events, and sometimes event freelancer-specific events that can help you meet people who can help you.
  3. Move your Oasis outside: although you can’t wear your pyjamas all day, moving your work away from home is a great thing to do. Somewhere like a coworking space is a great option to help you get rid of home distractions, give you access to more space and technology, offer opportunities to network, and help increase your overall productivity.
Try coworking!

Okay, so now that you have thought about all of that, now it is time to figure out how your own personal Freelancer’s Oasis fits in. Freelancers like you, that live inside the Oasis, are a different breed of worker; you can wake-up whenever work whenever you want, and wear whatever you want, all while doing good work. And although getting to explain to your mom that, yes, you can make a decent living, all while wearing your dinosaur PJs, is always hilarious, freelancing does come with its challenges. But what doesn’t? The key to The Freelancer’s Oasis is people.