5 unexpected ways coworking changed my life for the best

My name is Husam and I am the co-founder of HustleCo workspace. 5 years ago, I decided to take the plunge with my business partner and best friend and quit our full time jobs to start our own business. Becoming an entrepreneur was the best decision I have ever made. I am in love with entrepreneurship because it gives the freedom to do so many things in life. The freedom to create anything I want, to challenge the norms, to express myself in whatever way I desire, to earn as much I set my mind to and most importantly the freedom to fail as many times as needed without giving a sh*t about what other people think. 

The freedom that I love about entrepreneurship comes with a price. The whole entrepreneurship journey is all about solving problems on both a  micro and a macro scale. The journey is all ups and downs. One day you can be feeling on top of the world, so proud of your accomplishments and the next could be full of doubtful thoughts about throwing in the towel and giving up. Freedom in entrepreneurship comes with big responsibility. You are literally in charge of everything in your life. If you stay on track, the possibilities are endless but if you don't, it will be full of suffering and anxiety. I am victim of falling into those cycles especially when I first started and I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship. The moment I decided I needed to work around other people going through the same struggles was the moment my life and career was changed for the best. Here are 5 unexpected ways coworking changed my life. 

1-  Work/Life Separation

Before working out of a coworking space I had no distinct separation between life and work. My living room was my office and work was always on my mind no stop. After a while, it started taking a toll on me and began to burn me out. Coworking now allows me to physically and mentally disassociate work and life. I now have the time to work on myself and enjoy my life so I can stay strong and ready to hustle. For me the entrepreneurship journey is a marathon, not a sprint and success comes from enjoying life and work equally. 

2- Accountability

Discipline at the home office was the biggest setback for me. I was minutes away from the kitchen and one of my favorite things to do is to cook. I found myself doing it a few times a day during the hours I was supposed to be working. There was no one there to let me know that I was wasting time or I that I am not working hard enough to accomplish my goals. Working around people away from home changed that for me. All of sudden, I was surrounded by people who are super focused, heads-down and who pushed me to work at times I didn't even feel like working. The other accountability factor comes from telling people what my goals are and then getting asked about my progress with those goals and ideas a week after. It kept me and still keeps me in check to always show my fellow hustlers the progress I made. The discipline that comes from accountability is the most valuable thing about coworking. I know If I combine the freedom I love about my work with a disciplined work ethic, I can get anywhere I want in life. 

3- learning fast through knowledge exchange

When I first started my entrepreneurship journey, I felt like I was the only person going through it. I had many questions, spent a lot of time trying to find answers and it took me a long time to implement solutions. I was constantly being bombarded with things I needed to learn from scratch and that made me lose focus from things I am really good at. After joining a coworking space, I was shocked by how fast I was getting answers to questions I asked from experts around me. What used to take me hours to figure out was being solved in minutes from someone 3 desks away from me. The beauty about coworking is that people are on different places in the journey and some, who are ahead, have  the answers from real life experiences. Knowledge sharing in coworking spaces is the most important hidden secret of coworking. Knowledge especially when it comes from real life experiences is the biggest power you can have to face the struggles of entrepreneurship. 

4- Constant Encouragement 

It's so easy to get discouraged and lose track of your dreams as the day to day of entrepreneurship consumes your energy and positivity. That effect for me was more intense when I was alone at home or surrounded by people who had no idea what I am going through. Many people around me in life were able to obstruct my ambitions whether it was voluntary and involuntary. In a coworking space, I found myself always surrounded by people who have big dreams and goals. Everyone around me  wants to maintain an environment of positivity and freedom to help push through to their goals and dreams. Coworking became a place that I seek for motivation and encouragement whenever I am down. I believe that without positivity we will go nowhere in life. Positivity breeds innovation, sparks breakthrough and allows us to seek solutions other thought not possible. Being surrounded by positive, smart and ambitious people is my ultimate recipe to stay on track to achieve my bold goals in life.  

5- Meaningful friendships 

After graduating from university and quitting my job to start my entrepreneurship journey I felt lonelier and lonelier as time passed. All of a sudden, there was no organic way of making new friendships. The only way I was able to meet new people was getting to know my barista better or meet random people at the bar, which is not that healthy or budget friendly. It was hard to make meaningful connections especially with people who know exactly what I am going through. Joining a coworking space,  was an incredible way for me to meet new people who I truly enjoy being around inside and outside the space. I made friendships that supported me through the toughest time of entrepreneurship and my personal life. Being always surrounded by people who share my beliefs and values gives me a sense of belonging that I lost when I graduated university and quit my job.

The magic of coworking comes from the people and community you're surrounded with. You will never realize how impactful coworking will be on your life and business unless you give it shot. The day I decided coworking must be in my life, my life was positively impacted in so many ways. Every year we allow people to cowork at a fraction of the price to show you how amazing this experience can be. For $40 a month in January 2020 you can experience how coworking can change your life and your business for the best. I encourage you to do something outside your comfort zone and start investing in yourself and your business so you achieve all the ambitious goal you have in mind. 

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