Coworking in Calgary – HustleCo & Work Nicer

Hey HustleCo,

Below is an important announcement for the future of the HustleCo Community and its Members. Please take the time to read this important announcement and exciting story.

“Since March 14, to support the good health of all members, HustleCo Workspace has been “on pause”. We appreciate all of you for understanding this difficult decision and for working from home throughout this time for the safety of all. 

Like many of you, as founders, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us space to reflect. During this process, we considered how we want to move beyond this “pause” and recession. After much contemplation, we would like to announce that we will no longer be managing HustleCo as a coworking space and permanently be closing our physical operations, effective May 29. 

Over the past three years, we’ve worked to bring people out of the home office by communicating our understanding of coworking and the importance of community. We absolutely love every one of you for building this community with us and often supporting the workspace in major, uncountable ways. Unfortunately, the HustleCo. model is not a viable business to continue on. That being said, we have refused to make this decision without finding a place for you.

Last week, we reached out to meet with Alex Putici, the founder of Work Nicer and the Work Nicer team. Work Nicer is the best of coworking. Founded locally in 2015, the Work Nicer community provides members with a wealth of resources to grow their business and work productively among others because no one succeeds alone. We broke liquid bread, chatted coworking, and collaborated on a path forward for HustleConians. 

What does this mean for HustleConians: 

We are thrilled to announce that HustleConians will have a place to call home when you are ready to return to coworking again. Although the physical HustleCo operation as a coworking space will shut down we all know it was never really about the space. It’s about the faces, the people, and the community. Please join us in expanding our community by becoming members of Work Nicer Coworking.

The Work Nicer team is committed to honouring all past and present members of HustleCo. We are excited to reach out to each of you to introduce the Work Nicer team and discuss the future of your membership.”

How to get started? 

1. Book your welcome tour with the Work Nicer team here!  We’ll be there too to introduce you to your new digs and details on your new membership going forward,

2. Add “” as a “guest” for your welcome tour, so you can unlock your offer and one of us can be present for your tour. 

3. Connect as a community. This Thursday, May 28 at noon, Work Nicer is hosting a virtual Town Hall to hear feedback from members and announce new updates as members return to the outposts.  Join in, ask questions, or just listen to see what it’s all about. RSVP at


Husam, Steve, and Ana.