Open Concept Coworking Etiquette 4 tips

Now that HustleCo has been open in Calgary for over a month, there are things we learned of when it comes to coworking that one must be cognizant of, especially while working in an open-concept space. We believe, as do most real coworking spaces, that a large and open workspace has huge advantages over a cubicled office, or a highly … Read More

Renting the HustleCo Bar Event Space for Intimate Workshops

HustleCo Event Workspace in Calgary

HustleCo is not just a coworking space in Calgary. We are on a mission to empower Calgary entrepreneurs. We exist to support local entrepreneurs, freelancers, gig-economists and consultants here in Calgary. That’s why we launched. The founders, Husam and Steve, having entered entrepreneurship over 3 years ago, know the importance of a strong and supportive community to help grow your … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Hook Up With An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship life is anything but stable which can make relationships a challenge. HustleCo Workspace in Calgary is mostly comprised of entrepreneurs and business owners which is why we’re always talking about entrepreneurship. If some of our coworking members aren’t entrepreneurs, they at least have a high level of intrapreneurship, which refers to an entrepreneurial mindset and psychology without being a … Read More

Open concept coworking in Calgary at HustleCo

Regus Coworking Old HustleCo Cubicles Calgary

When we moved into the HustleCo space, guess what the office was filled with? Here’s a hint, they’re: dreaded, beige, almost at the ceiling, and it looks like they came straight outta the 90’s. Cubicles! Even the name is a serious turnoff. To build our HustleCo coworking dream, we envisioned an ultra open-concept take on our space and taking them … Read More

One way HustleCo is helping Calgary small businesses for free

Helping Small Business in Calgary with Reviews

If this is the first HustleCo article you are reading, let me give you some perspective. HustleCo Workspace is a coworking space and lifestyle brand envisioned by Husam Al-rameeni and Steve Paolasini to empower and help entrepreneurs, gig-economists and freelancers in any way possible. The ways we help entrepreneurs are in many ways but the most obvious is by providing … Read More

Working in downtown is overrated: 6 reasons why

Coworking outside downtown calgary

Working downtown in Calgary is seriously overrated. When we decided we wanted to build our Calgary coworking space HustleCo, one of our biggest commitments was to find a space outside the downtown core. Another huge non-negotiable was to find one close to Chinook mall. We love this part of town and believe it is the perfect location for a Calgary … Read More

Bartenders beat baristas: 6 reasons working from the bar is underrated

Bartender Coworking from Home Calgary

The inspiration behind HustleCo Workspace was one to create a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, gig economists and employees can work effectively. Husam and I at one point were operating our inbound marketing and digital media company out of our home office in the Northwest. Facing the huge disadvantages of working from home, we began to look at the … Read More

Coworking for the skilled trades at HustleCo

tradesman coworking at hustleco workspace in calgary

When most people think of coworking, the image that comes to mind is either nothing, because they haven’t heard of it before, or they believe it’s just another business center, like Regus. For those that know about true coworking, the image that comes to mind is a Silicon valley style collaborative workspace ideally suited for tech entrepreneurs or freelancers. Most … Read More

Ditch the home office for coworking in Calgary

coworking vs home office in calgary

So when is the right time to move out of the home office and into a coworking space? Right now. When is the time to upgrade to a dedicated office? When you’ve outgrown coworking. How do most businesses start? It seems like all the tech startups originated from a garage. The right time to move out of the home office … Read More

HustleCo: Coworking compared to an incubator and business centre

HustleCo Workspace Coworking Incubator

Is HustleCo poised to be an incubator, coworking space or business centre? When people ask us what is the idea behind HustleCo and we tell them, we get a variety of responses. In fact, most people think, oh, so you are starting a business centre? In fact, of the 3 establishments listed below, we are furthest from a business centre … Read More