The Original Business Networking with a Twist “What do you do?” is often the first question you ask at a networking event. Usually you get a canned response that you’ll easily forget. Not this time! BNI Fusion Group and HustleCo have collaborated on a fun, new approach to open business networking. It’s a play on the game “Taboo” where “What do you do?” is not allowed … Read More

Facebook Marketing for Business: Maximizing your engagement

Approaching 2 billion users, Facebook is single handedly the most ubiquitous social media platform worldwide. The growing increase in its average user base means it’s even more effective for reaching the Gen X and Baby Boomer market. We will explain the basics of using the platform effectively for business purposes and how to perform exceptionally better, maximize your engagement, and … Read More

Instagram Marketing for Business: Discover your next content strategy

Welcome to one of the fastest growing and engaging social media platforms out there. Instagram, with its rapid growing user base, is one of the best ways to reach millennials and increasingly older audiences. In this session we will walk you through the basics of the platform with a strong emphasis on growing a loyal fan base and how to … Read More

LinkedIn Boot Camp – Entrepreneurs, Career Transitions & Grads

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms for a professional. This exclusive event is targeted towards Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs and Executives. Social media, used effectively, can be a great medium to stay connected with everyone – however, using this platform can become a chore for a lot of busy professionals. In this informative, engaging session get ready … Read More

Ready, Set, BOOM! Rock your LinkedIn Profile with Alnoor

[Workshop performed by Alnoor Damji with a HustleCo Feature] With over 500 M people using this professional platform it is single handedly the most utilized social media platform worldwide. Weather you are a job seeker (10 M active job postings) or an entrepreneur this is the platform that has a growing increase in its average user base. We will go … Read More

HustleCo Sunday Jam Sessions

Sunday. The day typically reserved for hangover recovery after that Saturday with the boys or if you’re a bit more behaved, church mass. HustleCo thought, why not take the most notoriously relaxing day in the Western World and redefine it? After all, most of us entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig-economists in Calgary don’t really follow the 9-5 anyways, so why follow … Read More

Do It Yourself Marketing Workshop

There are so many free platforms out there to help you market yourself way cheaper and more efficiently by using an inbound and value-add approach. Having a successful marketing strategy is all about having right tools to produce consistent and scalable content to keep your fans engaged. Do you know these tools? Traditional advertising space is getting disrupted everyday and … Read More

Facebook Marketing Workshop

With over 1.2 billion people using this platform it is single handedly the most utilized social media platform worldwide. The growing increase in its average user base means it’s even more effective for penetrating the Generation X and Baby Boomer market, both who spend significantly more than Millennials. We will go over guidelines to follow to perform exceptionally better, maximize … Read More

Personal Branding Workshop

Your personal brand is who you are and what you believe in. Much like your fingerprint or retinal scan, it is the only thing that nobody can replicate and it’s a unique and important competitive advantage. It is well documented that companies associated with personal brands have the highest amount of engagement. People are sick of the fake bs and … Read More