HustleCo Social Mission 

"To generate social profit by diversifying and prospering the economy through growing startups (our members) while drastically improving the employability of an unemployed, uninspired or unsatisfied workforce (our Heroes)." 


The way we will drive this mission is by offering our monthly members all the marketing support they need. Our HustleCo Heroes (Interns) will spear-head this process in assisting our members in a hands-on approach to implement marketing strategies. Throughout this process, we will guide and provide support to the Heroes with our proven experience in inbound/digital marketing.    

Our Heroes consist of hungry, eager to learn, individuals that are excited to gain experiences in marketing and network with entrepreneurs, business owners, gig economists, etc.  This model is the perfect solution to the “Chicken Egg” dilemma many individuals attempting to penetrate the job market are experiencing. 

HustleCo provides a platform  for individuals to gain valued experience, members to get support with marketing, and most importantly, build a community where we can all benefit and hold each other accountable on the road of achieving success. 


HustleCo is really excited to be able to provide our members with marketing support. Here are some of the strategies and approaches we provide when implementing your marketing campaigns 

Marketing 101:

  • Build/Repair member’s website
  • Content creation (pictures, videos, blogs, etc)
  • Workshop hosting and development
  • Improve social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, etc)
  • Implementing SEO to boost sales (Adwords and content marketing)
  • Promote events (Facebook ads, EventBrite, Meetup, etc)
  • Assist in keeping consumers engaged


We have drawn out a process for our members to receive marketing support in the most productive and effective way from our team.

  1. The initial meeting will be held between a member and the founders of HustleCo (Steve and Husam) to set intentions and develop a marketing approach that best suits their business. 
  2. S&H will meet with Heroes to relay meeting minutes and appoint one Hero as a lead Hero (account manager) to act as the main point of communication between members and the marketing team. 
  3. Members set a weekly time and day to meet with the marketing team to ensure accountability.
  4. Members will be able to communicate with a lead Hero to keep up-to-date with all the marketing progress and creative changes. 
  5. All marketing campaigns will continue to move forward until we reach the outcomes and the results satisfy our members. 

*Process is still in progress as we are in the beta phase of this initiative! We can customize it to suit our member and Heroes needs and ability accordingly.


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