HustleCo Workspace Perks

Check out some of the awesome perks we have at HustleCo Workspace!

Ideal Calgary Location

We are strategically located in one of the most densely populated and trendy neighbourhoods in Calgary. We are 5 blocks from the free-fare transit zone so easily accessible from all quadrants of the city with abundant free parking and paid options in the area.

Blazing Fast Internet

What’s more frustrating than a slow connection when you’re trying to get work d……o…n..e? Nothing. That’s why our members connect to dedicated fiber internet and wifi for symmetrical fiber upload/download speeds. In simple terms, it’s blazing fast internet always.

Premium Coffee

This is a basic human need so much that there are rumours Maslow contemplated adding it to his hierarchy of needs at some point. Our coffee is so great that our members need not go elsewhere to get their tasty caffeine fix.

Red Bull Energy Drinks

When coffee can’t cut it, we’ve got a fridge full of Red Bull Energy Drinks! Why Red Bull? Because our reps are awesome and HustleCo members and entrepreneurs deserve the best.

24 hour access

For when you can’t squeeze everything into the 9-5, sometimes shit just has to get done at 3am. HustleCo is here to support our coworking members full-time, all the time.

Pet Friendly

We’re not in the business of doggy day care but if you have a really well behaved pup you’d like to bring to the office to show it off for a day, just ask us!

Marketing Support

HustleCo was founded by the QuadRipple boys, an inbound marketing and digital media company. Any questions you have or if you need help in the digital marketing space, we are here to support you hustlers all the time.


Events, presentations, networking or straight-up parties, whatever you want to call them; we believe you can have a good time while doing business simultaneously. Our events are fun, engaging, and you’ll be eager to attend the next one!


We have a fully equipped kitchenette with a fridge, dishwasher, microwave and hotplate. Make your own lunch or dinner, or enjoy some HustleCo leftovers, we won’t tell.

Boardrooms/Breakout Rooms

Access and book any 3 of our 8 person boardrooms for important meetings, each with a different twist on design. Need to brainstorm quickly with some creative spark? Make it a breakout room.

Free Printing

HustleCo is proud to be paperless but we know not all professionals can be yet. Take advantage of our free colour printing, scanning, and copying!

Seminar Room

Need to present to 40 people? All-Time Hustlers get access to our seminar room like are meeting rooms. Book it through the app!

Group Insurance Plan

Sometimes, shit happens. That’s why all HustleCo members are eligible to buy monthly into the HustleCo Insurance group plan. The best part? Our group plan requires no underwriting which means you’re covered even for pre-existing conditions. Bring on the massage therapy!

Beer Tap

Perfect your pour like a pro and help yourself anytime to our draught beer keg. After all, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? Help us decide and let us know what you’d love to see on tap!