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Instagram marketing Workshops

Welcome to the most successful and fastest growing social media out there. This is one of most direct way to reach millennials. The amount that people spend on this platform is insane. It not easy to cause profitable actions on Instagram and every bsuiness must provide so much value. In this workshop we will walk you through the platform, do and don’ts, the importance of hashtags, posting times and ways to increase a loyal fan base. We will also touch upon the importance of producing micro content and instagram stories to keep an engaged fan base and turning them into sales and leads. There is a lot to explore in the instagram world and it’s a must know for any business. Come and learn how to start kicking ass on Instagram

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Personal Branding Workshop

Your personal brand is who you are and what you believe in. Much like your fingerprint or retinal scan, it is the only thing that nobody can replicate and it’s a unique and important competitive advantage. It is well documented that companies associated with personal brands have the highest amount of engagement. People are sick of the fake bs and want the real deal. In this workshop we will teach you ways to start building a powerful personal brand to start reeling in like minded people and clients into your brand. With the right mindset this will be your most powerful tool to market your business and start attracting appropriate and loyal customers. People build empires with personal brands and so can you. We all have something special to contribute to the market people will inherently find value in. So what are you waiting for? Join our Meetup group to attend the upcoming Personal Branding workshop at HustleCo Workspace.

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Facebook Marketing Workshops

With over 1.2 billion people using this platform it is single handedly the most utilized social media platform worldwide. The growing increase in its average user base means it’s even more effective for penetrating the Generation X and Baby Boomer market, both who spend significantly more than Millennials. We will go over guidelines to follow to perform exceptionally better, maximize your engagement, and create a loyal fan base. We touch base on the technicalities of how Facebook prioritizes content and how to increase the propensity of your content to reach people organically. We will also talk briefly about sponsored content on Facebook to lead into our next workshop on Facebook Advertising. Attend, network, learn and grow with the HustleCo Pack!

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Inbound Marketing Workshop

Screw the old marketing tactics, it’s time to realize that the way people buy has changed and so should your marketing! And guess what? Its cheaper! Inbound marketing is all about providing value and bringing people into your brand, It’s a way to attract customers, increase effectiveness, acquire qualified leads and maintain a strong, powerful, and loyal fan base. All you have to do is to put in the effort in the right direction. We will give you all the knowledge needed to to start thinking about how you can start building an effective inbound strategy. This is about developing long term customers that will keep coming back. Don’t expect this to work within days, it’s all about the marathon baby! Stay consistent in your approach, provide value, and make inbound marketing work wonders for you.

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Do it Yourself Marketing Workshop

There are so many free platforms out there to help you market yourself way cheaper and more efficiently by using an inbound and value-add approach. Having a successful marketing strategy is all about having right tools to produce consistent and scalable content to keep your fans engaged. Do you know these tools? Traditional advertising space is getting disrupted everyday and amazing platforms are popping up everyday to help you do your own marketing through social channels and we want to give you a head start on it. No more paying ridiculous amounts to build your website either or spending a fortune to design a social media graphic or a brochure. Think about this workshop as the Home Depot of marketing. See you all there. You can do it, HustleCo can help.

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